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Pony Rescues rehabilitates and re-homes uncared for and unwanted horses and ponies and is based in the Wimmera, Vic and covering VIC State wide and limited areas of NSW and SA.  Please join our Giving Circle and make a donation to help us continue our vital work

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Join our Giving Circle and commit to regular giving and UBank will match your first months donation!

Pony Rescues Inc. is Not for Profit Organisation active in rehabilitating and re homing un cared for, unwanted horses and ponies and is based in the Wimmera, Vic Aust. covering VIC State wide and limited areas of NSW and SA.

Pony Rescues was founded in 2011 due to the plight of approx. 300 neglected ponies in the Wimmera of which 147 were rescued and re homed. Pony Rescues registered as a NFP animal welfare charity in 2012 due to an ongoing need to provide a facility to cater to hundreds more horses and ponies entering care either by owner surrender, local pound releases, slaughter bound or other reasons. Pony Rescues Inc. relies on public donations and is mostly self-funded by the founder. Rehabilitated horses are re homed under an adoption contract for free. Children’s ponies are free leased on contract to help provide families with a quiet reliable friend, a stepping stone, when learning to ride and building confidence in those younger years.

Pony Rescues Inc.’s aim is to continue providing a community resource that provides a safe and positive environment for rehabilitating and re homing horses and ponies, providing ‘ A future with dignity and promise’.


Please Join this Giving Circle and pledge your Donation

By joining this Giving Circle and committing to either a monthly or one-off donation, you’re joining with like-minded individuals and collectively making a bigger impact.  The benefits of joining this Giving Circle include:

  1. Regular Updates on how our money is being used.  Through this web page you’ll receive regular updates on how our money is being used and the difference it is making, creating a closer bond between our Giving Circle and the charity we’re supporting.
  2. A Direct communication channel with the Charity.  You can contact the administrator of this Giving Circle via email if you ever have any questions about this charity or want to do more to help.
  3. We Maximise our Impact.  Sometimes making small donations on your own can feel like a drop in the ocean, and you’re not sure if your money is making a difference.  As part of a Giving Circle we make larger donations which we know makes a difference because we get updates from the charity.  Plus it’s more efficient for Charities to collect donations and communicate with you via a single Giving Circle – meaning more of your money goes to the good cause, and less is spent on administration, accounts and overheads.
  4. Making big Donations feels amazing! Donating $50 feels nice, donating $5,000 feels amazing.  And studies show that being part of a Giving Circle means even if you can only afford to contribute a little, it still feels like your giving a lot!

We welcome Regular Giving or one-off donations

One of the biggest challenges any Charity faces is knowing where the ‘next money’ is coming from.  One-off donations and fundraising are extremely important, but they make it harder for Charities to plan long-term.  That’s why regular giving is so important.  When someone choose to give regularly to a charity, even if it’s just a small amount it means:

  1. Certainty of Funding.  With regular giving a charity can start to plan for the future, know there is recurring revenue each month
  2. Reduces administration costs.  Fundraising costs money, but the costs associated with regular giving are by far the lowest, meaning your donation goes further
  3. Creates a connection with a Charity you love.  As you receive regular updates from the Charity it creates a real connection with the money you are donating and the outcomes it is achieving, meaning you connect more closely with the charitable journey.
  4. You’re in control.  We appreciate that peoples circumstances change and through the MyGivingCircle dashboard you can change or cancel your regular giving at any time

So you can tell we love people who can commit to regular-giving!  But of course we recognise that regular-giving doesn’t suit everyone and we absolutely welcome one-off donations as well.

How does it work when I join this Giving Circle?

Simply click on ‘Donate Now’ and pledge the monthly donation you’re comfortable giving, or choose a one-off donation instead.  You can make the donation as an individual, on behalf of a company or anonymously.

Any donation you make over $2 will be tax deductible for Australian residents

The Giving Circle FAQs

What is a Giving Circle

A Giving Circle is simply a group of like-minded individuals who have decided to collectively donate to a Charity or Good Cause they care about. By joining together in a Giving Circle they can make a larger impact than they could hope to do individually.

Can anyone join this Giving Circle?


Is there a minimum donation level?

We've set the minimum donation level at $10

How long am I Donating For?

If you choose the regular giving option you are making a monthly, tax deductible donation of whatever amount you choose.  You can cancel or modify your monthly donation at any time by logging into your account, and selecting the subscription you wish to change.  If you choose a one-off donation you will only donate once.

When do my Donations commence?

If you are making a monthly donation by credit card your donation will be processed when you join, and each month after that.  If you are making a one-off donation by credit card your donation will be processed when you join, once only.

 Are my Donations Secure?

Yes.  If you are paying by Credit Card your payment is processed securely by PayPal or Stripe and we do not store your credit card details.

Are my Donations Tax-Deductible?

Yes. Donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian Residents

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