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Over the past 10.5 years, we have taken in many dogs that shelters & other rescues have said "NO" to... we have several seniors and many others with medical issues... we started as a Pit Bull-type dog rescue but have taken in many other breeds... a dog in need is a dog in need... the vast majority of our rescues have been mutts. Our goal for 2023 is to change from rescue to sanctuary & purchase a piece of property ... our rescue is run from our residence & foster homes at this time and we want to expand and make it easier for volunteers to help more often. Many of the pups currently in our care are sanctuary pups, meaning they will never be adopted out & will live their lives out with us... some of these will stay due to behavior issues (severe anxiety, having "bubbles" that a lot of humans are not allowed to enter, medical issues [cancer, post-surgery complications, etc] ).

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