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Home to Big Mack the Belgian draft horse who has captured a lot of hearts with his love for life despite all that he’s been dealt. We are a non-profit, non funded equine rescue, sanctuary and rehabilitation. We’ve rescued horses from kill pens that were discarded due to being overworked, disabilities, illness, manageable diseases, senior horses, neglected horses and even pregnant mares, mares with a foal and offer them vet care and management to give them a second chance to have a good, loving retirement or find them a committed forever homes. We make reels of our rescues so our supporters can follow to see they are being well cared for, vetted and loved! We appreciate all support including prayer  which is the only way to make what we do possible for these amazing, loving creatures.  Most reels are on my personal page but we also have a Facebook rescue page Legacy Ranch and Rescue Inc.

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