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Every year around 300,000 animals are still used for science in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Many of these animals are sadly forced to endure cruel and invalid experiments. This is unacceptable. NZAVS sees a future where no animals suffer in the name of science and scientific progress is advanced using valid non-animal-based methods. A world where: • No animals are subject to cruel and painful experiments. • People no longer believe that animals are appropriate models for human medical research and product safety testing. • Viable and non-harmful scientific methods are always used. • No more time or money is wasted on fruitless research. • Human and animal health thrive. • Science is upheld to its fullest integrity. And this is possible, with your help! Support NZAVS today to help liberate animals from cruel and barbaric tests and bring an end to animal experimentation in Aotearoa. Today and in the future, be the voice for animals used in science.

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