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Stone Valleys Ray of Hope provides a Ray of Hope to equines in need. We actually have multiple levels of our rescue. We work with the Arabian Auction and Feedlot rescue team. In 2022 we saved 572 Arabians in danger for a total of 4201 since the group started. The group works in partnership with the Arabian 300 club who is a group of donors but also a group that works to increase the publics knowledge of the dire situation these horses end up in. Our base rescue, takes in the Arabians ( and sometimes other horses) that we can not find homes for, from auctions, pens, and owners who need assistance The rescue focuses on rehab, training and places them in amazing forever homes. Horses are much less likely to end up in the slaughter pipeline when they are fully evaluated and trained. We currently support 88 horses fully, 20 of which are sanctuary horses. We also work tirelessly to match these horses back with their identities, assist owners who just need a little help to keep their horses, and help people find homes when keeping their beloved animals is no longer an option. 

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