Healing Animal SCARS cat rescue Cover Photo

Healing Animal SCARS specializes in the rescue and Rehabilitation of feral or Community cats. Since our Inception in May 2006, we have rescued over 2,000 cats and helped and shared Resources with many other rescue groups. Annually we spend over $50,000 at the veterinarians. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 all of our fundraisers have been cancelled, including our annual live auction that usually helps us fundraise $15,000. When we rescue cats and kittens, we need to get them fully vetted before we can put them up for adoption. We spend a minimum of $500 on every healthy cat and kitten to get them ready for adoption, and sick kitties can cost over $1,000 for Diagnostics and treatment. We would be extremely grateful if people would vote for our Cat Rescue

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to Healing Animal SCARS cat rescue gets them 2 votes toward winning their grant category!