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As we journey through this New Year, we continue to rely on your VOTES, DONATIONS, and FEATURES here at My Giving Circle to provide much needed life-sustaining revenue for our Animal Care Fund and LIVE Animal Educational Presentations that directly support our Animal Ambassadors. So, we would be grateful for your Help and SSSSupport during this challenging time: We are in need of emergency funding and monetary resources to be able to support and care for over 50 non-releasable animals (abandoned, abused, discarded, and rescued pets and wildlife) that serve as ambassadors to their wild cousins by promoting conservation, natural history information, and an appreciation for the natural world; We are also in need of this emergency funding and monetary resources to be able to produce and provide more in person LIVE Animal Presentations and ONLINE VIDEOVENTURE Platforms for under-served/under-resourced schools, daycares, and low-income groups, home school education during these unusual times at discounted fees in order to cover the costs of presenting these programs and ultimately provide for the ongoing care for the Animal Ambassadors within our program. With the VOTES, DONATIONS, and FEATURES from MOVErs and SSShakers like you in 2022, we were able to present 286 Programs, reach 55,000 People, and travel over 25,000 Miles to BRING SCIENCE to LIFE! THANK YOU for your Ongoing Support!

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Every $1 you donate to Wildlife On The Move gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!