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Thank you for visiting A Place for Peanut - we are a 501c3 non profit

APFP has saved and rehomed over 400 equines since 2016 and currently cares for 45 horses at our sanctuary.  

We have several ready to go to their forever homes but have  many others that will live out their lives with us due to issues that require specific care. We never turn down horses with problems - we have crippled, blind, senior, starved, abused and infants who are born in horrendous conditions. We believe all horses deserve a second chance in life and we give them exactly what they need to flourish. Once they clear quarantine, they go into our rehabilitation program. Some have never been handled and some were probably someone's show horse or family pet that ended up in the wrong place. Once they are comfortable and we establish good ground manners, all of our horses move into our training program. We evaluate each and every horse to show their greatest gifts and then match them to their perfect home. If we can't guarantee that, we keep them for life.

The kill pens are full of wonderful horses and we are here to save as many as we can and to give them the life God intended for them.

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