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Saving Hope Foundation was set up after a community rallied together to save a 4 week old pup who we named ‘Hope’. She was in the pound and was due to be euthanized because of her breed. After the hard work and determination to not let this injustice prevail she was saved. Saving Hope Foundation was born. Determined to give every dog a voice. We are a charitable trust set up by a bunch of hard working and passionate animal advocates determined to see that every dog has a fair go at life and to not be euthanized because of their breed. This foundation was set up in July 2017 and since then has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 300 dogs with a 100% success rate. We campaign for the end of ineffective breed specific legislation and for all shelters to have transparency, accountability and be required to meet a minimum and humane treatment standard, nationwide. We also rescue litters who are in urgent need, providing foster care and finding homes, and run desexing and responsible ownership campaigns.

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