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ACT Pet Crisis Support (formerly ACT Pet Crisis Fund) gives people on a limited income the opportunity to enjoy the love of their dog or cat for longer. We are acting to stop euthanasia of beloved family pets purely due to lack of money to pay for medical care. For many people, some often isolated from family and friends, their pet is what keeps them going. When faced with a medical emergency for their pet, sadly many pet owners are unable to afford treatment and their beloved pet has to be euthanased. This is devastating for the vet who just wants to help and the family of the pet involved. All pets should be able to access health care and no pet should be left to suffer with a treatable disease, however veterinary care costs money. ACT Pet Crisis Support is there to help pet owners who have no other means to pay for the care of their pet. All our donations go towards veterinary bills for pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners and are paid directly to the clinic treating the pet in question. We do not take any administration fees from donations and we are 100% volunteer run. We rely entirely on the generous donations of pet lovers like yourself. Thank you for your support.

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