S.M.A.R.T. Saving Missing Animals Response Team Cover Photo
SMART -SAVING MISSING ANIMALSRESPONSE TEAM OF FLAGLER COUNTY'SMART', has been in operation since September of 2022 to provide a voice for the voiceless of Flagler County, animals that do not have homes or need veterinarian attention. We have done this work in the County volunteering for over 10 years prior to SMART. One of our first rescues, was "Jax". A starving, abandoned and neglected puppy who desperately needed love, support, and attention. Not only was SMART able to ensure a healthy future for him, but we also found him a forever home where the first things he knew, aren't even a memory for him.Our wish is to give each animal a happy and healthy home, but it is always a challenge. We need funds for supplies like food, medical, and shelter to keep them safe and healthy in the meantime.With community support, 'SMART' can achieve its goals! Population control, with spay and neuter, heartworm treatment, behavior training, rescue support, fostering, and the vetting process for positive animal loving families.One of our goals is to achieve acquiring a facility where our organization is able to assist more animals in need with housing, medical, training and rehabilitation until ready for a forever home.If you'd like to help in anyway, volunteer, financial support, supplies, services, or community partnership, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the 'SMART' team!

We are able to provide these lovable animals with homes and love because of our community and supporters like you.

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