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Lorain County Pit Crew, 'LCPC's,' mission is to help dog owners keep their dogs in their homes. LCPC is a proactive organization that alleviates hardships by providing services and needs that are otherwise unaffordable or inaccessible, often forcing dog owners to re-home or surrender their dogs to already overwhelmed shelters and rescues, all too often ending in euthanasia of many great dogs due to no fault of their own. LCPC raises funds to provide free spay/neuters, immunizations, training, food, other vet and or emergency services, and supplies to dog owners in Lorain County and beyond. LCPC has goals and future visions of launching an educational program involving a dog training, sport, and recreation club for the youth that would assist in ending abuse, dog-fighting, irresponsible ownership, and negative breed stigma. LCPC works to advocate for and preserve America’s historically honored and highly respected, but currently most misunderstood and abused breed in history – the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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