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We are a new not-for-profit ACNC registered charity.

Our aims are to procure treatment and care for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native animals with the objective being to provide within that structure pre-release care and to re-establish rehabilitated native animals back into their natural environment. 

We look to maintain as much of a natural environment for our native animals in care, by using correct milk formulas, incubators for Joeys (possums), collecting leaves, providing enclosures to house them during rehabilitation and enriching their environment. This helps to mimic, as closely as possible, their natural environment so when they are released, they have the optimal chance to integrate back into the wild.

It is also our aim to make sure that while we provide care for our native animals, we also provide a welcoming supportive environment for our members who volunteer their time with care, rescue and transport. We also educate the public community in the care and welfare of native animals.

Our members have extensive, combined years of experience in caring for various species native animals and are conscientious supporters of providing education and mentoring in regard to the care of these various species to our members.All our members will be required to hold the required DEW Permits for the native animal species that will come into their care. TOur committee comprises of experienced native animal carers, who are dedicated to promoting the welfare of native animals while assisting and maintaining strong support to all our members who care, rescue and transport for us.

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