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Support Healthy Pets NZ and make a difference in the lives of Kiwi pets and their owners! As a registered charity, we are dedicated to funding outcome-focused research that enhances the health and welfare of companion animals in New Zealand. With a team of passionate volunteer veterinary professionals, including veterinarians, researchers, veterinary nurses, and educators, we strive to improve care, diagnostic investigation, and treatment options for Kiwi pets.

By supporting Healthy Pets New Zealand you can contribute to our efforts in making a tangible impact. Over the past 20 years, our research has resulted in new diagnostic and treatment options, and improved care for kiwi pets. We have also begun funding research into the value of pets to society and the human-animal bond, uncovering the remarkable benefits they bring.

Your support is crucial. Help us push the boundaries of veterinary care in New Zealand by donating today. Together, we can ensure that Kiwi pets receive the best possible care and strengthen the bond between humans and their beloved companions. Join our mission—support Healthy Pets NZ now!

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Every $1 you donate to Healthy Pets New Zealand gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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