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Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association (KTRA) is a non-profit charitable organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with a medical diagnosis in the Thompson Nicola regional district. Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted service for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals with special needs. KTRA was formed in 1988 and we are proud to have offered over 35 years of service. Therapeutic riding has numerous positive physical effects for those who participate in our programs, using the horse as a means of influence. There are as well many mental and emotional benefits of riding including increased self-esteem, improved concentration and improvement in socialization skills. Horses elicit a wide range of emotions and behaviors in people of all ages, because they are prey animals they are supremely sensitive to body language, tone and touch. At the same time horses are large, powerful animals that follow quiet, strong leadership. Some of the many Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
  • Development of mobility, balance, and coordination
  • Improvement of muscle tone and strength
  • Increased concentration and improved learning skills
  • A challenging recreational activity
  • Independence, integration, and a sense of achievement
  • Development of self-confidence and motivation
Volunteering at KTRA not only helps the association, but it also provides our volunteers with life skills such as leadership, problem-solving and adaptability, time management, communication and working as part of a team. Many of our volunteers are former or current riders in our program.Our mission: To create opportunities for personal growth, healing, and connection through a shared experience with horses.Our Vision: A community where all people find a place to experience joy, empowerment and personal growth. 

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