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Greyhound Pets of Newfoundland

Greyhound Pets NL (GPNL) is a Registered Canadian Charity focused on finding homes in Newfoundland for rescued Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, and other sighthound breeds.

Since the 1990's, GPNL has placed over 300 retired racing greyhounds in loving homes in Newfoundland. After the closure of the majority of the tracks in the US in 2020, we partnered with Candy’s Hound Rescue International to find loving homes for Greyhounds and Whippets rescued from the horrifying meat trade in China, as well as Salukis rescued from the streets of Qatar. 

We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, relying solely on the generosity of animal lovers like you. Please help us rescue more of these beautiful sighthounds and give them loving families and couches they deserve. Thank you! 

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