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In advance-THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE!! We promise to help make a difference!DIBS Rescue is a Canadian based rescue, working to change the lives of mexi-mutts in need! In Mexico, dogs aren't always cherished as they are in Canada and it's DIBS goal to help show these dogs their best lives!  For the current pups in need, we find them homes (over 1000 dogs so far!). To change the future, we help sponsor spay/neuter clinics. To fix a dog, it's approximately $26 per surgery. Winning this grant will allow us to spay/neuter 100 animals!  Without being fixed, life on the street can be very aggressive, the dogs can contract cancer and they do procreate. One unspayed dog or cat, can result in 60,000 offspring in just 6 years. (Surreal, yet true!)DIBS finds homes for 200 dogs a year: sadly, there is no way that we can find homes for 60,000.  It is important to get to the root of the problem and help get dogs fixed. A spayed/neutered dog - whether it be on the streets or in a home - has a brighter future.  Did you know that only 1 in 10 dogs in the world gets a home.  This means 9 out of 10 dogs are homeless, die on the street, or in shelters.  To get to the root of the problem, we want to host and fund spay/neuter clinics in order to give today's dogs a better life, and ensure future animals have a chance that is a lot better than 1 in 10.Thank you for your support.  xoxo

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Sept 2022 Grants Round - USA and Canadian Winners

Rocking R Ranch and Rescue Inc Logo2022 Grant Winner
Rocking R Ranch and Rescue Inc
Rocking R Ranch and Rescue is a nonprofit focused on providing care for equine in need of a last chance. 

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Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary Logo2022 Grant Winner
Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary
Provide permanent sanctuary for abandoned, neglected and abused chihuahuas

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Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary Logo2022 Grant Winner
Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary
We are a sanctuary for feral/under socialized cats. We accept them in from expert trappers, animal controls, and other rescues. We attempt to rehabilitate them and hope to one day adopt them out to a forever family. 

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Saving Huey Foundation Logo2022 Grant Winner
Saving Huey Foundation
Saving Huey Foundation specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals. We also run a "Read to the Shelter Animals" reading program at our local shelter.

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Speranza Animal Rescue of Mechanicsburg, PA Logo2022 Grant Winner
Speranza Animal Rescue of Mechanicsburg, PA
Speranza Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run rescue, rehabilitation center and sanctuary committed to saving the most abused and neglected animals with the goal of finding loving homes for as many of them as possible. Speranza is located on a 17.5 acre farm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania which provides...

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German Shepherd Rescue of OC Logo2022 Grant Winner
German Shepherd Rescue of OC
We are a 501c3 non-profit charity dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred German Shepherd dogs when they have no one else to turn to.  The number of purebred shepherds in shelters is shocking, and our volunteers work tirelessly to create fresh new starts for forgotten dogs.  Each year, we...

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saveafox corporation Logo2022 Grant Winner
saveafox corporation
OUR MISSION: "To rescue and find forever homes for captive-born, non-releasable wildlife"Many of our foxes come from fur farms where they otherwise would live in horrendous conditions and then killed and pelted for the fur industry. We also get pet surrenders. Owners will buy from a breeder without the knowledge of...

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The Wright Ranch Rescue Inc Logo2022 Grant Winner
The Wright Ranch Rescue Inc
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Chicago Alliance for Animals (CAA) Logo2022 Grant Winner
Chicago Alliance for Animals (CAA)
We work daily to reach out to decision-makers in Chicago and beyond to end animal cruelty and pass animal protection legislation.

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The Devoted Barn Logo2022 Grant Winner
The Devoted Barn
The Devoted Barn is an animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption farm located on 54 acres. The barn has rescued animals from many different places such as Michigan, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and even Thailand. We have rescued over 5400 animals who were stabbed, shot, intentionally starved, or confiscated from...

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