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DEFHR aims to play a meaningful role in solving equine mistreatment, through rescue/intervention, education and community outreach. In the all-too-common event of extreme maltreatment, law enforcement authorities may remove an animal from an owner’s property after an independent veterinarian makes a determination that the animal is at risk of immediate death or irreparable harm. We support law enforcement authorities with removal of such horses to safety. Government agencies typically lack the resources to shelter horses, so without our assistance the horses almost certainly would be euthanized. Once at our farm, the horses are rehabilitated and evaluated/trained in preparation for adoption to a new home. Over the years, we have rescued over 2,650 horses suffering unimaginable trauma from starvation, hoof disease, parasite infections and life-threatening wounds—all perpetuated by humans. We are often the only thing standing between a horse’s agonizing suffering and its potential to live a better life.

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