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We are a small animal rescue & shelter that has launched BC's 1st non-profit, mobile vet clinic! The team have started visiting rural, remote and Indigenous communities to provide spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations and much more. When not in a remote community, the Mission Pawsible team park the rig at animal rescues around Vancouver Island to spay & neuter their dogs and cats. BC's #1 pet problem is inadequate access to vet care. Help us solve that problem! 

Your support, and any grants we can garner, will be used to buy meds, treatments, surgery supplies and to access even more animals in remote communities. Together we can get essential, non-profit vet services to where they are needed and begin to slow the flow of unwanted dogs and cats.

CARE Network has been helping any animal in need on the west coast of Vancouver Island, around Tofino, for 10 years. For the last few years we have been helping 750 to 1000 animals a year (dogs, cats, eagles, raccoons, and anyone else in need). With our new non-profit vet team and your support, we expect to triple or quadruple those numbers! 

We named this new non-profit vet service Mission Pawsible because everyone told us that our plan - to start a vet clinic on a hint of a budget in 6 months - was be impossible. Anything is pawsible when you have a network of hard-working, compassionate folks working together to make the world a kinder, gentler place for everyone.

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to CARE Network gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!