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We're a home-based rescue, so there's always someone around to care for the dogs and cats in our care. Most of our dogs are allowed to roam the main yard (as long as they behave themselves), and we have several food and water stations throughout. Every evening, the dogs are tucked into our kennel building with soft bedding. We also have around 50 foster homes that house our animals not located on the property.

We also have two separate nursery buildings for mamas and puppies or kittens to stay safe and healthy. Our sick bay quarantines any dogs that get an illness or injury that requires special care and separation from the pack. Each of these additions has a/c and heat as needed to keep them comfortable.Since we began in March of 2015, we've worked on adding improvements each year to make life as good as possible for the dogs and cats during their (hopefully) short stay with us.Our focus is family-friendly pets who get along with everyone. Of course, we sometimes don't know a pets temperament until we meet, but we work hard to ensure pets are going to the right homes for them.

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