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Each day our teams work to improve the health & quality of life of animals in need. Should we be fortunate enough to win, we will split the prize money between our two projects with the greatest impact, Engler Canyon Ranch Mustang Sanctuary and our free spay & neuter clinic, The Parker Project. Engler Canyon provides a re-wilded life in a dynamic herd setting for 150 mustangs and burros. We have reached our carrying capacity here but have 7000 acres earmarked for a second release site. The grant money would be used to expand the fencelines so that ECR can continue to welcome more mustangs in need. The Parker Project provides remote, by donation, sterilization surgeries, vaccines, and treatments for underserved regions struggling with overpopulation and preventable disease. We create happier, healthier lives for strays and pets whose families are unable to access outside care. To learn more about our projects, please visit

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USA and Canadian Charities Leaderboard

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#4-#10 $1,500 each
#3 $2,500
#2 $4,500
1st Place $9,000

 Christmas Grant:

All USA/Canada Charities with 10,000+ Votes share $10,000