Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc

#2,925 Charity
We seek to provide crucial information and embrace families during their difficult time of loss, and beyond. There are two key elements to our program that guide families through their choices when saying Hello and Goodbye to their much loved baby. Families receive a Bear Of Hope donated by another bereaved family. This allows the donating family to give their own child's brief life a purpose and lasting legacy, whilst filling the empty arms of another family as they walk out of the hospital without their baby. It reinforces the understanding that they are not alone, and that there is an existing community of support. Families also receive extensive information, either in printed or online format, to help them make decisions and memories in hospital, during the memorial and beyond. Our Beyond the Bear support is unequaled by any other organisation. We provide exclusive and invaluable support packages that include; a credible foundation of parent led and psychologist facilitated support groups, private online support groups, phone,email and skype counselling and annual community events that remember individual baby’s and recognize their parents love. Additionally we have a Hope and Healing Resource Library. Bears Of Hope comfort, acknowledge, inform, empower, and guide families during their time of loss. As an Australian registered non-profit organisation, we are dedicated to the care of others.

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Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc

#2,925 Charity
Providing leading support and exceptional care for families in Australia who experience the loss of their baby Read More