Avalon Centre Incorporated Cover Photo
Avalon's aim is to help people who have slipped through the cracks , including homeless persons, people with mental health problems, disabilities and/or drug and alcohol addition ,refugees and asylum seekers. A large part of Avalon's activity is the homeless clothes distribution program. Clothes, bedding and shoes are collected from donations then sorted and then distributed weekly to homeless people in Melbourne, St Kilda, Brunswick and North Melbourne .Clothes are also distributed to refugees and asylum seekers. We also found there was a ongoing need amongst the homeless for personal items such as socks and underwear. Through donations we are able to buy new socks and underwear and assemble packs to be distributed with our clothes distribution program . Avalon is run entirely by volunteers and survives on grants and donations from the community . We need donations so we can buy the socks and underwear and also to help with running costs ( e.g. fuel, registration ,servicing ) of the van called the "Moving Wardrobe".

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