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Every Australian child deserves a promising future, and a promising future starts with a great education. But too often, a student's future is determined by their postcode or background. Children growing up in disadvantaged circumstances consistently fall behind at school - and once behind, it's hard to catch up. Did you know that at the age of 15, students from a disadvantaged background are 2.5 years behind in their learning compared with their peers? Now you can help close this education gap. Australian Schools Plus connects you with the schools that most need your support, to help all students fulfil their potential. Your donation will go to projects designed by principals and teachers to have the greatest impact on their students’ lives, by providing extra support and resources or trialling new approaches to learning. More than 4,600 schools across Australia are eligible for support through Schools Plus. Create a brighter future for students in need by giving to a disadvantaged school today.

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