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Barrio Planta Project

Help Latin American students escape poverty with an education Read More

Sen Resue Sanctuary

SēN Rescue Sanctuary is a family operated, non-profit Rescue. We have partnered with South Korean Rescues and bring the Adoptable Puppy's/Dogs to the USA from the torture of meat dog farms in South Korea. This is not easy work and requires great efforts to ensure the safety of the pups... Read More

Equine Collective Inc. E.I.N 84-1922268

We are an equine rescue and sanctuary. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, repurpose and rehome horses. Read More

A Spacious Place Inc

We provide opportunities for persons, especially persons with special needs, to create in community. Read More

Carry the Future

We focus on filling in the gaps to provide critical aid to refugee families around the world. Read More

We Are Grateful Sanctuary - WAGS

We take the broken and discarded dogs and help them feel loved again. Read More

Hair We Share

The Hair We Share mission is to help maintain dignity, confidence, and self-esteem to those affected with medical hair loss. Read More

Haven of Hope Jay Gould Center

The team at Father Woody’s Haven of Hope is looking forward, examining how we can continue to be resilient, how we can adapt to changes faster and more effectively. We... Read More

Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team

Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team pulls animals from high kill shelters across Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina & Georgia. Read More

National Mill Dog Rescue

Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding dogs from puppy mills and educate the public about the cruelty of commercial dog breeding. Read More

Simply Girls, Inc.

Our Mission: Simply Girls Inc. is committed to providing the tools and resources for all girls that will lead them to become productive citizens and active leaders in their communities. Simply Girls encourages and mentors’ girls to aspire and achieve greatness academically, emotionally and creatively. Our Vision: Inspire all girls... Read More

Feline Community Network

Feline Community Network is a cat rescue/rehab center & sanctuary servicing Lake & Porter County, Indiana, USA. We focus on cats facing euthanasia, those not adjusting well in a shelter environment and helping stray cats that are injured or sick.  We are community supported along with love & hard work... Read More

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue

After realizing that there was no “pound for fish” and that people didn’t know what to do with their unwanted pets other than releasing them into the wild, we spearheaded the forming of a surrender network with the Green Bay Aquarium Society and began organizing Exotic Pet Surrender Events. These... Read More

Lower Rio Grande Valley Nature Center

Provide environmental education opportunities to at risk and special needs children as well as an anchor for the community. Read More