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War Paws provides much needed rescue and support to the forgotten animals of war in Iraq and other areas where animals have been affected as a result of war or civil conflict. We are partners in the first ever dog shelter in Iraq which currently has over 500 dogs in residence, we also reunite serving soldiers with the cats and dogs they have befriended whilst serving in war zones. We also operate the first education program for children in the region and we attend the schools who run food drive programs for us and we talk to the children about how to be safe around dogs and help us to raise awareness.

As well as our work at the shelter in Iraq we are currently caring for 76 dogs that were rescued from the War in Ukraine.  The dogs are safe at a shelter in Romania where they all their needs are taken care of whilst we look to find perfect forever homes for all of them.

Without us to fight for them many of these animals would live short lives and be subjected to horrific cruelty, starvation, injuries and illness, they would never know the feeling of going to sleep at night with a full belly and waking in the morning without fear of what the day will bring.

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