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RRA aims to make a difference to dog rescue in Romania. We take a systemic approach and add value to each step of the chain that brings these dogs from the deprivation on the streets in Romania, to living long healthy lives in loving homes in the UK. We carry out spay campaigns to control the population. We rescue dogs from an agonizing death that is certain in a public shelter. We raise precious funds to feed them and provide them with shelter and veterinary care. We advertise them on a variety of channels to find them forever homes and assess all applicant thoroughly to match them to the perfect dog for them. We care just as much for the adopter and the adoptee. We are building a one-of-a-kind safe shelter in Eastern Romania: state of the art kennels and exercise areas, socialisation spaces, waste disposal and water distribution systems, an on-site veterinary clinic. We want to bring UK kennels standards to Romania and set new standards for dog rescue. Every little help and we really need all the support we can get so any donations at are gladly received and much appreciated. Thanks

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