The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) is a charity organisation (with DGR status) that changes the lives of Indigenous Australians. IMF relies heavily on the generosity of people in the community and we need the community's support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation. IMF umbrellas four key programs - The Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP), Indigenous Communities for Activity and Nutrition (I-CAN), FrontRunners, and Deadly Running Australia (DRA). All of these programs aim to empower and instil a sense of pride, self-belief and self-confidence, and create Indigenous Australian leaders who encourage people in their community to adopt active and healthy lifestyles. Prior to the IMP (a program of the IMF), Australia had no known long-distance runners. At the start of 2017, IMP has mentored and trained 65 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island men and women across the line of a major international marathon and all have completed compulsory education qualifications. IMF's I-CAN is an eight week program that encourages Indigenous children to attend school by installing running and fitness equipment in Indigenous schools. The program monitors the children's health and fitness over the eight week period and presents all children with a certificate of participation. IMF is committed to changing lives of Indigenous Australians. But we need help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation.

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