Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Baskeball Cover Photo
Suncoast Spinners are leading the way with Reverse Inclusion. Reverse inclusion activities aim to increase participation of able-bodied people in wheelchair basketball as a form of health promotion and social inclusion on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Reverse inclusion activities can increase access to sport, physical activity and new friends for people of all abilities. Reverse inclusion is a totally inclusive sporting environment where everyone is on an equal sporting playing field. Many people with physical disabilities are restricted from participating in able-bodied team sports. In reverse inclusion, inclusion is created through enabling people to play sport together, regardless of whether they are a person with a disability or an able-bodied person. In this sense, the wheelchair is a piece of sporting equipment. Sports Wheelchairs are a key piece of equipment that require ongoing maintenance and repair due to the nature of the sport. These repairs and maintenance are costly but necessary to provide inclusive sporting opportunities for people with disability.

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