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Surfrider Foundation as a global unit that predominantly looks after and protects the oceans, beaches, waves and waterway. Our claim to fame are the people that support us and we endeavour at all times to do what is best not only for the environment - which includes the community actions but for the future well-being of our kids and the lifestyle they need to be brought up in. Our programs include: *Endangered Waves program which encourages local and national action to ensure that our surf breaks and unique coastal environments are protected from threats such as destructive coastal development, erosion, water pollution and impeded access. Recently, our foundation was instrumental in the ‘Fight for the Bight’ nationwide campaign *Rise Above Plastics program which raises widespread awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on our marine environments, encouraging society to transcend or ‘rise above’ the habitual acceptance of single-use convenience items in order to prevent the problem at its source *Ocean Friendly program which was an action created in response to increased pollution in the coastal zone and ocean areas with the aim to stop excessive plastic entering our waterways. The aim of this free national accreditation program is to reduce single use plastic at its source through the promotion of hospitality businesses & events along Australia’s vast coastline that undertake sustainable business practices. The program further encourages participating venues to reduce their environmental impact by undertaking efficient water and energy usage as well as ensuring food and other consumables are ethically sourced, and *the Surfrider GromFest program which is a junior surf tag team event for surfers 16 years and under. Teams are made up of a maximum of two U/16’s and at least 3 U/14’s and must have at least one surfer of the opposite sex. It is a fun event that encourages participation in a fun atmosphere. Not only is their surfing ability celebrated, but also their stewardship of the beach is rewarded whereby we also give prizes to the children who care for and clean the beach. We host a range of fun games and activities and also their siblings have the opportunity to win prizes for cleaning the beach Join us or help us out...............thanks

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