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Symphony For Life Foundation is conceived as a national, community-based, social capacity-building organisation, providing purposeful, sustainable, long term, intensive music-based social development programs for children and youth at risk, particularly those living in communities experiencing disadvantage. ​ These programs give them the opportunity to partake in a rich and powerful instrumental music program through participation in orchestras and choirs. The programs use the “community” of the orchestra as an ideal example of social life, where everybody works together in a harmonious, disciplined and organised manner to strive towards a common and beautiful goal. It is a positive, encouraging and empowering program that delivers an excellent return on investment in social capital within the community, and transforms young lives. Symphony For Life programs are very different from other social change programs for children, conventional music education, and youth arts programs. Symphony For Life Foundation will create, enable and empower these community-based programs which are proven, not only to empower the children and young people, but to affect positively the entire community where they are run. Supporting Symphony For Life Foundation's work directly changes young lives - our children, our youth. Symphony For Life - Transforming young lives and communities through music.

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