Swirls around the world

#1,200 Charity
Swirls Around the World Foundation, honoring the life of Matthew Cirelli, embraces his spirit and courage as it helps children and young adults battling cancer.The foundation was created in honor of Matthew “Swirls” Cirelli, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at age 17 and passed away in 2013 at the age of 19. Along with being an incredible son, brother, friend, cousin, nephew and student, he was alsoi our hero. Matt’s family has made it their mission to carry on his legacy so that they may help other children and young adults battling cancer. Swirls around the World Foundation is a continuation of Matt’s story to…… …Travel the world. Matt had a love for travel, exploring new places and a desire to someday visit places around the world. One part of the foundation distributes Swirls Strong bracelets, which were made by Matt before his passing. People are encouraged to take the bracelets with them on their travels and take a Swirls picture at their favorite place. Pictures can be emailed to [email protected] to be added to the Swirls Around the World Facebook page and Instagram so everyone can enjoy following all the places Matt continues to travel. Swirls has already traveled along with friends and family to over 400 destinations and 6 continents! A beautiful reminder that Matt’s spirit lives on everywhere we go and to raise awareness of childhood and young adult cancers. …Go to college. The foundation organizes several fundraising events each year to raise funds for annual scholarships in Matt’s name for high school seniors helping to pursue Matthew’s dream of attending college. …Pay it forward. Each year the foundation recognizes a child or young adult battling Ewing’s Sarcoma as our Swirls Around the World MVP, organizing a special day to honor the courage, strength and hope of each warrior, while remembering Matthew’s life mantra of family, friends, faith and giving to others.

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United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo

#1,176 Charity
Strategically funding non-profit agencies in our region who provide services and support to vulnerable residents. Read More

1 Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc.

#1,177 Charity
We rescue, rehabilitate, help our community w dog behavior issues and rehome dogs. Sometimes we get a feline in the mix :) Read More


#1,178 Charity
We save the lives of thousands of hedgehogs in South East Wales Read More

Blue Cross For Pets

#1,181 Charity
Blue Cross believe every pet deserves a healthy life in a happy home. Read More


#1,184 Charity
Our mission is to bring community awareness in aiding us to help save our sick and injured Koalas. Together we can make a difference. Read More

Oakley Mental Health Research Foundation

#1,185 Charity
We fund quality New Zealand-based research on mental health and addiction. Read More

ShelterBox Australia

#1,186 Charity
ShelterBox is a cutting-edge charity that hand-delivers emergency shelter for families devastated by natural disaster and conflict. Read More

Valkyrie Wilderness Workshops

#1,187 Charity
We support armed forces veterans and vulnerable groups struggling with mental health and personal difficulties. Read More

Pasado's Safe Haven

#1,189 Charity
Pasado's Safe Haven is the northwest's leading animal rescue and sanctuary. Our mission is to end animal cruelty. Read More

The Rabbit Residence Rescue

#1,190 Charity
Rescues, rehabilitates & rehomes unwanted and neglected pet rabbits from across the UK Read More

Project Survival’s cat haven

#1,191 Charity
Project Survivals re-homes and provides lifetime sanctuary to wild cats and partners with cat conservation projects in the wild to conserve cat species. Read More
2019 Grant Winner

Dialysis Escape Line Australia Inc

#1,192 Charity
Dialysis Escape Line Australia sets up temporary dialysis units in areas where there is no dialysis. Read More

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

#1,193 Charity
We save and transform lives every day and operate one of the largest sanctuaries in the world for street animals. Read More

Hill Pony Resources Group

#1,194 Charity
Caring and finding homes for Dartmoor Hill Ponies Read More

Barn Sanctuary

#1,195 Charity
Barn Sanctuary envisions a world in which farmed animals are seen as individuals and treated with empathy and compassion. Read More

Bali Street Dogs

#1,196 Charity
Our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs and cats in Bali, provide veterinary care and to alleviate suffering Read More

Safe Bunbury - Pet Rescue

#1,197 Charity
SAFE Bunbury finds new homes for pets in need playing a vital role in the wellbeing of our community. Read More
2018 Grant Winner

Karma's Place rescue

#1,198 Charity
Karma's Place rescue is a volunteer run animal rescue aiming to help unwanted animals find new families to love Read More


#1,199 Charity
kogo knits warm winter garments to give to the most vulnerable in our community Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Swirls around the world

#1,200 Charity
The mission of Swirls Around the World Foundation is to continue Matthew's story through traveling the world with a special "Swirls Strong" bracelet, Paying it forward with our Swirls MVP,... Read More