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Every 4 seconds another companion pet enters a shelter/rescue in the United States. That is 21,600 pets per day: 151,200 pets per week and 7.8 million pets per year. Nearly, 70% of the companion pets that enter the rescues and shelters never find a new home and sadly are euthanized. Five out of 10 dogs are killed in shelters; 7 out of 10 cats are also killed. Of the many millions of dogs and cats surrendered to shelters or abandoned each year in the United States, approximately one million + surrenders/abandonments were due to the owner’s financial inability to care for their pets, this includes feeding and providing basic veterinary care. This is a very sad statistic but sobering.  We need your help with financial donations to keep our Mission alive especially now when food donations are at their lowest and our organization needs to purchase the food that we donate.  

Can you even begin to imagine what it is like in having to choose to feed your companion pets when you have to purchase medicines or food for yourself or your family member?  Many will choose to feed their pets first and will forego feed or caring for themselves.  

To Date, Animal House Project has donated over 2 million pounds of food for companion and rescue pets and the numbers are increasing every month.  Please Help us Help Pets!

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