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Started in 1997 by a horse theft victim, this all volunteer organization, Stolen Horse International, Inc., also known as, is a one of a kind resource that helps victims search for missing, lost, and stolen equines and pets. The organization also assists in the search for justice for horse attack victims as well as an educational outreach program to help horse owners with disaster preparedness, equine ID, and equine safety plans. It is developer and host to the only all equine ID record keeping database aimed at proof of ownership in the world, NetPosse ID. Stolen Horse International promotes also works with law enforcement aiding investigations, maintains an international network to disseminate NetPosse Alerts via a mailing list and social media and 23 years of private network contacts, and increases public awareness on horse theft, identification methods via seminars, presentations and exhibits at public events., educational forums, government functions, and expositions. The nonprofit is supported primarily by donations that have afforded the organization to work with over 6,000 victims while providing education through magazines, newspapers, and TV programs. There are no paid positions and all funds support the mission work of this nonprofit organization.

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