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2020 has been a difficult year for most non profits. We continued strong with our mission and took in 12 horses, 11 being owner surrenders, and 1 being from an auction. We also adopted out 13 horses, 7 being once wild mustangs. We started a partnership with the Ethan Miller Song Foundation and have an additional rescue site at the Song Strong Sanctuary in Guilford, CT. We are now doing horsemanship lessons and are in the beginning stages of offering equine assisted psychotherapy. Since 2010 we have saved over 100 equines. We remain in contact with all of our adopters of our horses to ensure all equines that have passed through our rescue remain safe. We believe saving is the easy part and ensuring a “happily ever after” is true rescue. We provide all our horses with a safety net and will take back ANY horse adopted through our organization that may require an alternative placement. Over 30 of our saves come from owner surrenders in our state of CT. We have been a resource to residents in our state who had to give up their equines due to financial restraints, untimely deaths and illness. We also work hand in hand with the CT Department of Agriculture taking in horses from active investigations and seized horses due to abuse and neglect within the state. All The Kings Horses Equine Rescues Founder/President Mary Santagata is an active member of Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership. In its early stages, WyWHIP, led by Christi Chapman, is in planning with the Bureau of Land Management, (and under the mentorship of the Cloud Foundation and other existing groups), strategy for reducing population growth in the Steward Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in the Red Desert Complex and specifically Stewart Creek Appropriate Management Levels (AML) are back to mid-range. Various methods will be utilized to accomplish this, including darting and trapping to administer fertility control to mares. WyWHIP will maintain a database of existing horses on the range, and assist the BLM and other groups in promoting the adoption of gathered horses. It is our hope to allow wild horses to remain free, on the lands they call home, without the need for round ups.

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