Sea Turtle Foundation Cover Photo
Sea Turtle Foundation is a non-profit, non-government group based in Australia working to protect sea turtles through research, education and action. Turtles have been on the Earth for over 150 million years and seen the planet undergo many changes over time and managed to survive them all. However, things are tough in the modern era when you are a slow breeding, long-lived reptile. Turtles face many threats from changes in climate, loss of nesting habitat, ocean pollution, and deliberate and accidental deaths caused by fishing activities around the world. These factors combined are pushing many of the world's populations of sea turtles toward extinction. Sea Turtle Foundation is working to address these threats through rescuing stranded turtles in North Queensland; giving technical training to manage, monitor and protect turtles; providing educational programs for schools and communities; and supporting research into turtle health and ecology throughout the Indo-Pacific region. It is no coincidence that these beautiful and charismatic animals are the photogenic face of so many tourism brochures and environmental campaigns. Besides being iconic symbols of our ocean environment, sea turtles fullfil vital functions in ocean ecosystems. The time has come for us to protect sea turtles and rebuild their populations to healthy and sustainable levels as a vital step in ensuring healthy and resilient oceans for the future.

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