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Project Crimson Trust is a trusted environmental charity making a difference through large-scale native tree restoration projects around Aotearoa. Initially focused on the protection and renewal of pōhutukawa and rātā, our work expanded in 2016 to include all native tree species through our programme, Trees That Count. With support from our fantastic partners and the help of thousands of New Zealanders around the country, we’re making it easy for Kiwis to connect with nature and make a difference for the future.

Trees That Count is bringing together business, community and everyday Kiwis to help plant millions of native trees around Aotearoa. It’s about planting trees that count – for climate change, biodiversity, and restoring and enhancing our natural environment. They run the country’s only tree marketplace, enabling individuals and businesses to fund or gift native trees online which are then given free to planting groups across New Zealand. 

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