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Aboriginal children suffer from some of the highest rates of middle ear disease in the world. Earbus Foundation’s Vision is that current and future generations of Indigenous children can succeed at school unhindered by the debilitating effects of middle ear disease and its impacts upon their ability to learn and achieve to their full potential.

Earbus provides ear health screening, treatment and surveillance using teams of doctors, audiologists, nurses and ear, nose and throat specialists in over 100 regional and remote schools, daycares, kindergartens and early learning centres in WA. Since commencing services in 2014, Earbus has recorded significant, measurable improvements in the ear health of Aboriginal and at-risk children.

Unlike some outreach services that visit sites once or twice a year, Earbus is in each region 8 to 11 times a year. This is vital because of the intractable pathology of middle ear disease; regular treatment with ongoing management and continuity of care is integral to better health outcomes.

Your support will help kids hear well, learn well and stay well through regular Earbus mobile ear health clinics across Western Australia.

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