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Polo Pony Rescue was founded in 2012 to provide a "safety net" for horses who, due to age or injury, could no longer play polo. While there are many organizations to help ex-racehorses, we realized there was only one other rescue helping ex polo ponies, and it was 3000 miles away in New York. Meanwhile, we were finding ex-polo ponies in danger - at auctions, or seized in neglect cases. So, we got to work ensuring the West Coast's polo ponies would be safe for life! We rehome the rideable horses into easier careers and provide sanctuary care for the horses who must be permanently retired due to disability. Why us? Well, we have a perfect 5 star rating on both Great Nonprofits (over 100 positive reviews and zero negative ones!) and Facebook. We have our financials on our website - no secrets here. None of us take a salary - this is volunteer run only and the President of the organization is the one mucking the stalls and feeding at our California location. We welcome visitors by appointment - come on out and let us show you our happy senior polo ponies!

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