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Paradise Waits Mustang Sanctuary takes in abandoned, relinquished, senior and special needs mustangs that have no where else to go, many have been rescued from the slaughter pipeline. We provide long term care, working closely with our veterinarians and farrier to make sure each mustang is getting the care they need, this is a very costly endeavor and one that we are completely committed to. These once wild horses, many of them serving humans for most of their lives came to us as seniors, others were dumped at feed lots, traumatized and terrified of humans, never experiencing kindness, and then there's the babies, losing their mothers and barely given a chance at domestic life before also getting dumped at a feedlot. Our seniors either require senior feeds or soaked pellets, supplements and medications, our youngsters need lots of training, an ongoing process that will guarantee them a solid future. All of our horses require daily care and management, it is very time consuming and costly and our hard-working team is committed to giving each horse at our sanctuary receive all the compassion and care they need to feel safe and secure. Your vote would help us build up our emergency veterinary fund and help with the continued care of our herd, it would mean the world to our herd of senior and special needs mustangs and the kind humans that care for them to get your vote. We currently have 10 precious lives in our care ~ Peggy O, Luna, Maple, Freya, Willow, Cedar, Fee, Kix, Jasper and little Rosebud. 

Thank you, 

The herd, horse and human

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Every $1 you donate to Paradise Waits Mustang Sanctuary gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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