$500,000 for Charities, Not-for-Profits and Community Groups in 2021

In 2021 we're giving $500,000 in Grants to Charities, not-for-profits and community groups. 

This Grants Round we're distributing $100,000 to the #60 Charities with the most votes in the following categories: 

$17,000 to the Top #10 USA Charities

$17,000 to the Top #10 Australian Charities

£13,000 to the Top #10 UK Charities

$13,500 to the Top #10 New Zealand Charities

$14,000 to the Top #10 Canadian Charities

€6,500 to the Top #10 Irish Charities

Vote and support the charities you love today and help them share in $100,000 in grants on December 31st.

Dec 2021 Grants Round - Canadian Charities

Vote once a week and donate to your favorite charity whenever you want - we add an extra vote for every $1, even more for regular giving.  

Or chip in a few $'s and MyGivingCircle will feature them to get more votes and supporters.

$50 one-off donation = 50 Votes.

$50 regular giving = 250 votes (50 votes x 5) + 50 extra votes every month.

$20 pay to feature = 2,000 featured views to get more votes and supporters.

2021 Grant Winner

Un chat à la fois/ One cat at a time

We can issue tax receipt for donations in Canada!!! Go vote for free OR make a $20 donation to help us! WHO ARE WE ? One cat at a time is a charity registered in Canada. Our organization specializes in rescuing orphaned kittens and kittens with medical needs that are... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue

COM ''Chatons Orphelins Montreal'' is a rescue of cats and kittens located in Montreal, Canada.  We are helping cats in needs since 2015.  COM is a NO KILL rescue, we help cats and kittens sick, alone, abandoned, at risk of euthanasia.  WHO WE ARE :)  Everything is 100% voluntary at... Read More
2021 Grant Winner

refuge magoo

we are a dog rescue, taking in mostly dogs with behavior issues and senior dogs, we are 100% no kill, we will provide the medical help needed to each of the dogs in our rescue, even after they are adopted if adopters need our help we are there always for... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Rabbit Rescue Inc

Rabbit Rescue Inc. is a no kill rescue, that has been helping save rabbits for over 2 decades! We spay and neuter each rabbit that comes into our care and provide all medical treatment they may need. We often help "last chance" animals, which means ones that have no other... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Pumpkin's Acres Rabbit Rescue

Pumpkin’s Acres Rabbit Rescue is dedicated to caring for unwanted and neglected rabbits and finding them forever homes, while educating people on the importance of proper rabbit care. We are a no-kill rescue and take in many sick, injured and special needs rabbits. 100% of donations go towards their veterinary... Read More

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a non profit dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue

Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue is a Volunteer Foster Based Rabbit Rescue located in Windsor On, Canada. Our mission is to rescue domestic rabbits who are stray, abandoned, injured, abused, surrendered or otherwise needing care and attention from human assistance until they can be placed in suitable adoptive homes. Those who... Read More

Alberta (AB) Herding Dog Rescue

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train and re-home herding breed dogs. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Second Chance Animal Rescue of Windsor-Essex County

Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex (S.C.A.R) opened in June of 2015 to service the Windsor-Essex area of Southern Ontario, Canada. S.C.A.R is a non-profit organization established to rescue and re-home dogs and cats of all ages and size. The foundation of our organization are board members with years of animal... Read More

Northern Lights Wildlife Society

rewilding of injured/orphaned wildlife specializing in grizzly bear, black bear & moose Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

SPCA Ouest

SPCA WEST, A team Of Fully Dedicated People, For the Animals In Need!Guided by humane ethic, the SPCA West pledges to protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation; ensure their well-being;raise public awareness and help develop compassion for all living beings.It is our mission to provide effective means of prevention... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

ElderDog Canada

ElderDog Canada Inc. is a national, registered Charitable Organization dedicated to ageing people, ageing dogs, and the important connection they enjoy. Our purposes are to: -assist and support older adults... Read More

Purrfect Companions of Norfolk

Purrfect Companions of Norfolk rescues stray and abandoned cats and kittens. PCON does not turn away any cat or kitten. We give all cats and kittens a home, medical care,... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

K9 Advocates Manitoba

Our goal is to combat the canine overpopulation crisis in Manitoba to successfully reduce the number of homeless and suffering animals. We believe every animal deserves to be safe, warm... Read More

Paws it forward dog rescue

We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Hundreds of Dogs From Around the World Who Have Been Neglected, Abandoned or Abused Every Year. Read More
2021 Grant Winner

Healing Animal SCARS

Healing Animal SCARS specializes in the rescue and Rehabilitation of feral or Community cats. Since our Inception in May 2006, we have rescued over 2,000 cats and helped and shared Resources with many other rescue groups. In 2019, We rescued 135 cats and spent over $50,000 at the veterinarians. Unfortunately... Read More
2021 Grant Winner

Beacons Furry FUNdation Society

We support families and children throughout the Thompson Okanagan. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary

We are run by entirely volunteers and rely on donations to care for all the animals . The donations are used for food spayed/neuter , veterinarian services and shelter. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Kitty Cat PALS

We are a TNR based rescue. Trap, neuter, return. We care for numerous feral cat colonies and continue to care for long term medical needs cats. Over the years we... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

BARC's Rescue

We are a no-kill organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We also operate in the Kootenays region of British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. We are committed to educating the public and ensuring Calgary and other areas remain responsible and free of BSL. We rescue dogs who are on death row... Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2021

Fixed Fur Life

We rescue, spay, neuter & re-home abandoned & stray animals in Belleville Ontario Canada. Read More

Saving Grace Animal Rescue

We rescue stray, unwanted, injured and distressed animals get them the help they need, fully vet them and then adopt them out to amazing homes. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

CA-R-MA.org - Cat Rescue Maritimes

CARMA spays/neuters approximately 3,000 cats a year preventing 24,000 kittens from being born in the next 2-3 years. Read More
2020 Grant Winner

Cat Advocates Teaching & Saving Society

CATS rescues cats that have been relocated & dumped in remote wilderness areas and educates the public on feline behaviour. Read More