The Devoted Barn Cover Photo

The Devoted Barn is an animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption farm located on 54 acres in Holly, Michigan. The barn has rescued animals from many different places such as Michigan, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and even Thailand. We have rescued over 5400 animals who were stabbed, shot, intentionally starved, or confiscated from hoarding situations. They come to heal physically and emotionally and to learn to trust and love again, or for the first time. They will always have a place to live forever if they never get comfortable enough for a home. The barn is completely run by volunteers who feed, clean and tend to the animals. It is a no-kill shelter and is fully registered not for profit organization. All donations go towards the animals and there are no administrative costs. Thank you for your support.

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to The Devoted Barn gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!