Helping SA Farmers Incorporated

South Aussie farmers facing one of the worst droughts in our history, farmers across the state have reported some of the driest conditions in recent memory, many destocking and prematurely cutting crops while others face water and feed shortages! The hard reality of animals perishing is very confronting and heartbreaking, we have seen the broken farmer, his/her face full of despair and giving drought hope to our struggling farmers and their families HSAF - is dedicated to helping SA farmers, all funds go straight into hay bales, transportation and grocery hampers for our very own SA farming families

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The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge

OUR MISSION To provide refuge, safety, comfort, education, nutrition, and case management counselling for women and children to help repair the trauma associated with domestic violence. The Sanctuary provides refuge, safety, education, nutrition, and case management counselling yet It has no Government funding and relies heavily on contributions from the... Read More

Bali Street Dogs

Our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs and cats in Bali, provide veterinary care and to alleviate suffering Read More

Great Lakes Womens Shelter Inc.

We provide short term (up to 3 months) emergency accommodation for women and children experiencing homelessness in the Great Lakes Area. We prioritise women escaping from Family and Domestic Violence. Read More

Red Rose Foundation

Who we are The Red Rose Foundation acknowledges that domestic violence related deaths have many predictive elements and are largely considered preventable. The Red Rose Foundation actively works to end... Read More

FNQ Foster Farm Inc.

We are building programs such as "reduce abuse and neglect through education and support". We also have "owning a pet" courses to help anyone to first learn how to care... Read More

ACT Wildlife Inc

Rehabilitation of native animals in the ACT with the aim of returning them to the wild. Read More


Plates4Mates mission is to help those less fortunate in Sydney by providing a PLATE of food for a MATE that needs it the most. Plates4Mates is run by the help... Read More
2018 Grant Winner

North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania Inc

Rehome and vet work animals in need. Every animal matters is our motto Read More

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits Inc

FFR expose the disturbing conditions farmed rabbits live in, take them into their care and find them loving homes. Read More

muMEcations Ltd

muMEcations provides funded opportunities for women experiencing hardship to take time out from their Mum-duties to improve mental health and wellbeing. Read More

Team Golden Oldies

Gold only becomes more valuable with age. This is our vision for all senior dogs. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Kirsty's Bird Sanctuary

We are a 24/7 Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre catering for our local community and 4 council regions. Read More

Koala Rescue Queensland Incorporated

Koala rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, release and advocacy Read More

Koala Clancy Foundation

Koala Clancy Foundation uses local people and travellers to create and maintain habitat for koalas in the You-Yangs region. Read More

Adopt A Bully Rescue

Adopt A Bully Rescue, rescues, rehabilitate and rehomes Bull Terriers in need. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2019

Pine Rivers Koala Care Assoc Inc

Our mission is to prevent the destruction of koala habitat and to reverse the decline of koalas in Pine Rivers. Read More

Endometriosis Western Australia Incorporated

A not-for-profit supporting Western Australians with endometriosis. Read More

Lifeline Direct

Every phone call Lifeline takes is a call for help! Lifeline saves lives. Read More

Safe pets safe families

Safe pets safe families run two programs, we keep people and pets together via a number of support and outreach services. We enable people to leave crisis situations like domestic... Read More