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Helping Equines at Lilifield Sanctuary (H.E.A.L)'s official mission is to rescue animals from situations that are abusive, endangering or neglectful and provide daily care, feeding and veterinary care.  But for us its more about giving these sentient beings an opportunity to be loved, feel love and live a life un-imposed upon.  HEAL began as an innocent intention to rescue a couple of donkeys in need of a safe and supportive home. Martha & Brenda have huge hearts with a large capacity to love, especially in regard to animals, so as anticipated they embarked on a heart-widening journey.  With a lot of determination and hard work, they have transformed their little 6-acre farmette into a loving sanctuary where all sentient beings get to live unincumbered, without human demand or imposition - where their only "job" is to live their best life.  Martha & Brenda do this work by themselves and at their own expense.  They decided to pursue non-profit status and accept donations because, they feel their work is essential and they want to be able to continue it. They could use the support of big-hearted and generous folks who share the same passion and compassion.  Martha & Brenda and the entire herd want to convey; "Please vote for us!  We could do amazing things with this grant money!  Additionally, any donation is accepted with immense gratitude.  Thank you."

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to Helping Equines at Lilifield Sanctuary gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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