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Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a not-for-profit public charity, which is run by a very small team of volunteers. We receive no government funding and therefore rely purely on donations received. FFR are an animal rights activist group who work on exposing the cruel rabbit farming industry and abolish the exploitation and abuse of these sensitive animals. Our campaigns range from education and advocacy to undercover investigations and rescue operations. FFR conducts numerous undercover investigations and rescue operations, along with taking in unclaimed rabbits from a local pound and as a result saves hundreds of rabbits each year. We take them into our care, provide them with the necessary medical treatment, assist with finding short-term foster care, rehabilitation programs and find them permanent homes. We pride ourselves on being a no kill shelter and a sanctuary for those rabbits that come into our care with such horrible histories. FFR educates on the horrific conditions of the rabbit farming industry and scientific testing on rabbits. We also educate the public on proper ownership and care for rabbits. These actions combined help us advocate for rabbits and help change society and rabbit welfare.

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