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In 2010, Paw Prints Private Rescue began as a small all breeds cat and dog rescue group in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Squishies Flat Faced Cat Rescue was founded in 2012, to give flat faced cats all the special care they need and to find them homes that understand the commitment they require. After 4 years of running Paw Prints and Squishies Cat Rescue side by side, we have now merged the two groups creating Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Incorporated. As a result of the hundreds and hundreds of animals we have taken in over the years, we still have outstanding vet bills totalling almost $10,000. As hard as we try to reduce these enormous bills, with animals still coming into care, we just cannot find the money to continue to save lives and pay off the debts of the hundreds of animals that are now living happily ever after in their forever homes. Please help us clear our vet debts, so we can save more lives.

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