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Every day there are senior animals left behind in shelters, on the side of the road or in homes when elderly owners pass away. Many of these dogs are needing medical care but mainly they are needing a safe place to live out their lives and feel wanted and loved. We take in as many of these animals as we can and offer them a home, excellent veterinary care and hope. We have changed their lives and they have certainly changed ours. Many of the animals that come into our sanctuary are suffering from physical pain but others have a great deal of emotional trauma. Others are hospice. No matter what their story is our mission is to let them know that they are loved and wanted and that they will not die alone in a shelter. If we can see a broken heart heal, a tail wag or have a scared and defeated senior suddenly want to play we have achieved our goal. Our sanctuary is a place where everyone knows that they are loved, wanted and that they matter. We have built a private dog park for the residents here and they have their own vintage VW van for going on adventures. There is nothing greater than seeing them excited about their day! 

The cost of caring for seniors and hospice dogs is exorbitant. We are honored to be considered for grants that will help us help more of them. The number of seniors needing an end of life home is growing each year sadly. Thank you for considering us!

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