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Fe Viva works in Guatemala and Central America to provide assistance to the most impoverished. Our goal is to break poverty and bring a better quality of life to the families who need it most. We do this by providing quality education, helping families with clean drinking water, construction projects to homes and rural schools and give free medical/dental care to the poor. Our on going projects include a Government accredited college where we give scholarships to students who want to study and get a degree but cannot afford it. Other projects are installing water filters into every home and smokeless stoves to remove dangerous CO 2 emissions from the home. Fe Viva also has developed a recreational compound for the community where there is a safe and secure play area for families and children. This includes a full size soccer field. We teach and train youth through sports to give them values and character they can use in life. Fe Viva also runs weekly children’s programs, teaching, playing and helping the kids in the community to have a better life

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