Impact Equine Incorporated Cover Photo
Impact Equine is a small young rescue dedicated to the welfare of equine in need; no matter what that need may be. We are available to assist Animal Control with seizures of equine in many situations; neglect, starvation, and cruelty cases. Our program also takes in Amish work horses that can no longer perform work in the fields; as well as retiring race horses off the track. Intake of the majority of these horses usually involves some type of rehabilitation, which may be as minor as muscle aches and pains, bowed tendons, or months of refeeding and weight building. After rehabilitation is complete, our focus is on retraining them for their second career and matching them up with a new loving home. We are also in development of an equine assisted therapy program, intended to focus on troubled youth and domestic violence. We feel the horses that come through the program have endured similar types of past traumatic situations, and will provide the calming, stabilizing presence to serve well as therapists. Impact Equine feels that the bond between horse and human is beneficial in the healing of the mind and soul.

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