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East LA Rising provides a safe haven, mentorship & programs so youth can find their passion and purpose in life. Our focus is an atmosphere of high expectations, unconditional support, and a staff that will do "whatever it takes" to have our youth Evolve, Endure and Excel. Self-sufficiency and success for each of our youth is our vision. Since 2005, club teens have achieved 100% graduation rate in a community where only 34% of adults have a high school diploma. Our staff has created a culture of high expectations with education as the foundation and higher education the goal. Over 35% of our members will stay connected with the club for at least 8 years. More than 50% of our staff grew up in our club. Our members see they have options and the cycle of poverty can change with them. Join us in our journey to provide the resources needed to bring equity to our community for our collective future.

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